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Adobe Wallaby Tutorial

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This tutorial was pitched to Web Designer Magazine to feature the new experimental technology ‘Wallaby’ available from the Adobe Labs website. Wallaby is a standalone piece of software which converts Flash animation into iOS friendly HTML5. Sadly it doesn’t yet work with ActionScript, however the ‘stop();’ command does work so you can achieve quite sophisticated […]

Flash Portfolio tutorial

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This tutorial commissioned by Web Designer Magazine was to create a full Portfolio web site in Flash. The site is powered by dynamic data coming from a MySQL database with PHP converting the output into an XML string to make it easy for Flash to read. This make the site easy to update, which is […]

Sencha Touch Tutorial

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This was an introductory tutorial to the Sencha Touch mobile framework for WebDesigner magazine. Sencha Touch is a javascript framework for creating mobile optimized content. It can be used in conjunction with PhoneGap to create native Apps for both iOS and Android. It is specifically good with Webkit based browsers and brings a native feel […]

CSS3 Media Queries Tutorial

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Since the HTML5 update pack hit Dreamweaver CS5 there have been some great additions to multi screen authoring. Clicking the multiscreen button on the interface allows you to see a preview of differing device screens. This tutorial for Web Designer magazine, looks at authoring web pages with differing CSS style sheets using media queries to […]

jQuery Mobile Tutorial

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jQuery Mobile Tutorial, form input

jQuery Mobile is officially awesome, or it will be when it gets out of alpha. It’s written with the same ethos as the regular JQuery – ‘Write less, do more’. Mobile development is incredibly fragmented with a variety of browsers and screen resolutions across devices. jQuery Mobile aims to bring a unified UI to all […]

iPad Digital Publishing with Adobe InDesign CS5

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Digital Publishing Cover

Adobe have launched their digital publishing suite which is a number of add-on Applications for InDesign CS5. The suite was originally produced so that Wired magazine could take it’s print magazine and turn it into an iPad version. The tools allow you to add interactive content such as 360º panoramic images, video’s and scrollable frames […]

Illustrator to Canvas plugin tutorial

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Illustrator to Canvas

Commissioned by Web Designer magazine to work on a tutorial for the excellent Illustrator to Canvas plugin. The plugin works by using layer names to define content which can then be animated and have interactivity added. Paths can be drawn in illustrator to ensure that your animation follows a decent path and at present this […]

Speaking at Adobe MAX – Education Keynote

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Adobe MAX

At the end of October 2011, I spoke at Adobe MAX as one of the keynote education speakers on the Sunday Education MAX. This was a fantastic opportunity to talk about Bournemouth Univeristy and the integration of Theory and Practice in our educational programmes. MAX takes place in Los Angeles and I had to fly […]