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Mercedes Vito Motion Graphics Overlay

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Mercedes Vito

Working with Video Editor – Jon Nichols, I was commissioned to produce five motion graphic overlays for the new Mercedes Vito micro site Made for the People. The process started by having a meeting with Jon to discuss possible ideas and the way he  planned to direct the video. We explored the idea of using […]

iPad Digital Publishing with Adobe InDesign CS5

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Digital Publishing Cover

Adobe have launched their digital publishing suite which is a number of add-on Applications for InDesign CS5. The suite was originally produced so that Wired magazine could take it’s print magazine and turn it into an iPad version. The tools allow you to add interactive content such as 360º panoramic images, video’s and scrollable frames […]

Illustrator to Canvas plugin tutorial

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Illustrator to Canvas

Commissioned by Web Designer magazine to work on a tutorial for the excellent Illustrator to Canvas plugin. The plugin works by using layer names to define content which can then be animated and have interactivity added. Paths can be drawn in illustrator to ensure that your animation follows a decent path and at present this […]

Speaking at Adobe MAX – Education Keynote

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Adobe MAX

At the end of October 2011, I spoke at Adobe MAX as one of the keynote education speakers on the Sunday Education MAX. This was a fantastic opportunity to talk about Bournemouth Univeristy and the integration of Theory and Practice in our educational programmes. MAX takes place in Los Angeles and I had to fly […]

PhoneGap iPhone App tutorial

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This tutorial written for Web Designer magazine takes a mobile web site and using the PhoneGap framework and Xcode,  turns the site into a native iPhone App. PhoneGap contains stub apps for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and other smart phones, all you have to do is drop in your mobile website and it will turn that […]

JQToutch mobile website tutorial

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This tutorial, written for WebDesigner magazine, explores using the JQTouch library to create a mobile website. The site is specifically aimed at webkit browsers such as those found on iOS and Android. However the site should work with all browser but will degrade based on what facilities the browsers have. JQTouch enables sites to look […]

Fishrod Site Design

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This design work is for Fishrod Interactive’s web site. Fishrod make web and mobile apps and where looking for a site that showed off their attention to detail with subtle uses of texture throughout the site. The sting has been produced as an extra to help in their pitches. Fishrod Sting from Mark Shufflebottom on […]

Sequence Post Digital Book

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Sequence Post Digital Book

When Sequence Post Production had created their latest promotional book, I was asked to transform the book into a digital online version. Harnessing the interactive capabilities of InDesign meant that the book was available almost immediately and retaining the quality of the original format. Click here to view project