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Z Scrolling Menu – Flash CS4

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Flash CS4 has a new z property allowing for pseudo 3D on the stage. Exploring the new possibilities to interfaces, I decided to create an interface which scrolls in and out. This is the sort of interface which we’ve probably seen numerous times already scrolling left to right or up and down the stage, this […]

Creating animated smoke

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Flash has traditionally struggled to make realistic looking smoke effects, mainly down to it’s vector graphics. However by applying the built in blur filter it is possible to get some really soft smoke effects, especially when used in conjunction with transparency. A number of layers are animated in this demo to give the feeling of […]

Web Space Invader – new promo animation

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This is a new promo video, created for the site. I was toying with carrying this theme on throughout the site, but then I decided to move my site over to a blog and I got inspiration from other sources. Thought it was still worth putting up. This was created using Flash for the hologram […]

BBC African Cup of Nations Opening Titles

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The finished opening titles to the BBC African Cup of Nations edited by Sequence Post Production. I contributed to a number of shots, adding general heat haze and smoke to the studio shots. My main contribution was an overhead kick sequence and the lion morph sequence which can be seen in more depth on this […]

BBC Lion Morph

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Another special effects shot commissioned for the BBC African Cup of Nations Titles. This shot features a man morphing into a lion and is the penultimate shot of the opening titles. This sequence was composited using Apple Motion and used elements from a number of other applications including Photoshop and Cinema 4D. Quicktime movie 1.5 […]

BBC Overhead Kick

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Commissioned as part of the opening titles to the African Cup of Nations, I was asked to composite an overhead kick, with the ball zooming off into the sunset. Explosions, fire and smoke trails all add to the drama, composited from green screen with heat haze and dust added. The original green screen shots have […]

M&G Investments Motion Graphics

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Working with MiP agency for the client M&G investments, this motion graphic design project was created as a background projection in a presentation. The sequence has been designed to either run once or as a continuous loop so that the client has the freedom to use this as necessary. 8Mb Quicktime Movie.

Webcam motion detection

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Created using Flash, this application detects motion over the ‘buttons’ of the interface and brings back the content selected. This is an experimental interface which attempts to break free from the restraints of keyboard and mouse. You must have a webcam and preferably a well lit room to view the file. Tutorial files for this […]