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Edge Animate Interactive Features

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This project was created as a tutorial for Web Designer magazine to show the recent interactive features that have been added to Adobe Edge Animate. As this tool is still in beta there is a slight bug in the output shown here, however this is making excellent progress. This tool will become an essential design […]

EaselJS Walk Cycles

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This tutorial for Web Designer magazine was created to show how walk cycles can be created for the HTML5 canvas element with the EaselJS library. This fast and efficient library makes it very easy to add content to the Canvas element in a similar syntax to Flash’s ActionScript. This particular tutorial uses sprite sheets to […]

First try at WebGL

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I’ve been reading up on WebGL for the last few weeks when I’ve had the time. I have decided that the best framework to use at the moment is Mr. doob’s excellent three.js framework. The code didn’t take too long to put together and the part that took the longest was actually just getting the […]

Adobe Edge Tutorial

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Adobe Edge preview has recently been released on Adobe Labs and has had mixed reviews. Some people claim it is not truly HTML5 because the animation should be on the Canvas element. However others have pointed out that the canvas isn’t accessible. One of the crucial features of Edge, which I particularly like, is adding […]

Adobe Wallaby Tutorial

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This tutorial was pitched to Web Designer Magazine to feature the new experimental technology ‘Wallaby’ available from the Adobe Labs website. Wallaby is a standalone piece of software which converts Flash animation into iOS friendly HTML5. Sadly it doesn’t yet work with ActionScript, however the ‘stop();’ command does work so you can achieve quite sophisticated […]

Mercedes Vito Motion Graphics Overlay

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Mercedes Vito

Working with Video Editor – Jon Nichols, I was commissioned to produce five motion graphic overlays for the new Mercedes Vito micro site Made for the People. The process started by having a meeting with Jon to discuss possible ideas and the way he  planned to direct the video. We explored the idea of using […]