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Unity3D game in development

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I don’t normally post development shots on the site, but thought I’d break the rule with some screenshots from a third person game that I’ve been working on in Unity3D. At present the art is looking fairly accurate but I’m not currently happy with the HUD and this needs more work and refinement. I would […]

Retro Portrait Photoshop Tutorial

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This retro portrait was created for Photoshop Creative magazine. The tutorial focuses on turning the original image into a layer mask then building up paint effects below the mask with oil brushes. A suitable colour scheme was chosen and textured paper to bring a unity to the composition. This is a fun tutorial, that most […]

Turn to smoke

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This image was created as a Photoshop tutorial for Photoshop Creative Magazine. The tutorial shows how to turn a subject into smoke by cutting out the model and applying various effects with smoke brushes until the desired look is attained. The image was supplied by the magazine and relies heavily on a number of layer […]

Gesture Based Navigation System

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This is a tutorial created for Web Designer magazine showing how to use gestures drawn with the mouse to create a navigation system. An example of this type of navigation can be seen at Red Issue. This merely provides an interesting and quirky way to navigate an image gallery, but could be used for more […]

A Storm in a Teacup

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This image was created for Photoshop Creative magazine to show how to composite different images together in response to the title ‘A Storm in a Teacup’. The piece also uses custom brushes to paint in spray and rain in order to add some movement and atmosphere to the work. Click the image to see a […]

Z Scrolling Menu – Flash CS4

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Flash CS4 has a new z property allowing for pseudo 3D on the stage. Exploring the new possibilities to interfaces, I decided to create an interface which scrolls in and out. This is the sort of interface which we’ve probably seen numerous times already scrolling left to right or up and down the stage, this […]

Creating animated smoke

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Flash has traditionally struggled to make realistic looking smoke effects, mainly down to it’s vector graphics. However by applying the built in blur filter it is possible to get some really soft smoke effects, especially when used in conjunction with transparency. A number of layers are animated in this demo to give the feeling of […]

Advanced Lighting – Photoshop

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This was created as a series of tutorials for Photoshop Creative magazine. In the supplied image you will see the original image on the left. On the right of the image are some of the the new changes to make the image more dramatic. I was asked to cover a variety of different lighting simulations […]