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Generative System 02

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Further exploration of the earlier Generative Drawing System 01. This update relies on the agents moving via a repulsion and attraction system. The agents naturally form flower like structures as they follow these rules.

Generative System 01

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Processing Generative System 08

Using Processing to create large scale renders of animated agents, this generative drawing system uses networked connections to draw structures based on the movement of the agents through their individual life span. Here is a close up detail image: Here is a low res early version being drawn: Generative Drawing Particles 001 from Mark Shufflebottom […]

EaselJS Walk Cycles

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This tutorial for Web Designer magazine was created to show how walk cycles can be created for the HTML5 canvas element with the EaselJS library. This fast and efficient library makes it very easy to add content to the Canvas element in a similar syntax to Flash’s ActionScript. This particular tutorial uses sprite sheets to […]

iPad Digital Publishing with Adobe InDesign CS5

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Digital Publishing Cover

Adobe have launched their digital publishing suite which is a number of add-on Applications for InDesign CS5. The suite was originally produced so that Wired magazine could take it’s print magazine and turn it into an iPad version. The tools allow you to add interactive content such as 360º panoramic images, video’s and scrollable frames […]

Sequence Post Digital Book

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Sequence Post Digital Book

When Sequence Post Production had created their latest promotional book, I was asked to transform the book into a digital online version. Harnessing the interactive capabilities of InDesign meant that the book was available almost immediately and retaining the quality of the original format. Click here to view project

We are data

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During a recent residency at the Kube Gallery in Poole, Dorset I decided to start work on an idea surrounding the computer mediated, representation of self. This piece was the result of the work completed during that residency. It is influenced by our increasingly digital lifestyles of blogs, tweets, text messages and facebook. As so […]

Tracier at the Kube Gallery

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I have recently been working on creating an ambient art work called ‘Tracier’, which was displayed in the Kube Gallery in Poole, Dorset. The live, interactive piece is built using Flash and takes a live video feed from a web cam. This feed is heavily processed inside Flash so that just ‘ghostly’ movement is displayed […]