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4×4 Car Physics Game Demo

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This demo has been built with the excellent Unity game engine. It demo’s the basics of 4×4 car physics and needs a reasonable amount of work to turn this into a game. As yet the map is unfinished and there are no checkpoints and a start/finish point that need to be crossed. The game could […]

MRSA Serious Game Research Paper Presentation

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Just heard news that a joint paper written with Andy Pulman for the MRSA Serious Game has been accepted through peer review for the Serious Games Conference ‘08 – Serious Games on the Move. You can check out their website at

Smash! iPhone Game

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A Javascript game created specifically for the iPhone. This game was created for iDev Entertainment and you can see the game listed on the Apple web site. The game requires Safari 3.0 web browser to work on the desktop, which is available for both Mac and PC. The game does use the touch screen of […]

Flash Defender

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This game is a slightly graphically updated version of the old arcade classic ‘Defender’. Use arrow keys to move around and space to shoot. There is also a smart bomb which you can access by pressing the tab key. This only has one life so it is ultra hard. Originally commissioned as a tutorial for […]

Flash Space Invaders

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Way before Web Designer magazine became known as Web Designer, it had the curious title of Practical Internet. I was commissioned to create a tutorial on the old school arcade classic that is Space Invaders. This game has always been a massive influence on me, hence the name of this website. Click on the image […]

Line-up Flash Game

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This Flash game was created to be similar to the old Guess Who game. It’s not two player like the original, the computer merely picks a character at random and then it’s down to the player to choose which person it is. Drop menu’s help to select characteristics and the screen is updated with the […]