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Unity3D game in development

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I don’t normally post development shots on the site, but thought I’d break the rule with some screenshots from a third person game that I’ve been working on in Unity3D. At present the art is looking fairly accurate but I’m not currently happy with the HUD and this needs more work and refinement. I would […]

Virtual Infection Control Demo

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There has been a lot of interest in the educational simulation game for nursing a patient with MRSA so I’ve uploaded a movie of the game in action to demo the experience. This game was produced as an experimental educational game for Bournemouth University but could be used by any training facility working with infection […]

Speech controlled Character in Flash

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After recently seeing advert’s on the TV for Tom Clancy’s EndWar game which features voice activated commands to control the game, I wondered whether this would be possible in Flash. I have MacSpeech Dictate installed because of problems typing for a long time, so I wondered if this could be used to pass text to […]

MRSA Serious Game, Conference Paper Published

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The paper presented at the Serious Games Conference 08 – Serious Games on the move will be published by SpringerWienNewYork. The book will be available in October 2008, here are the details: Serious Games on the Move Petrovic, Otto; Brand, Anthony (Eds.) 2009, Approx. 500 p., Softcover ISBN: 978-3-211-09417-4 You can get more information from […]

MRSA Serious Game Conference Slides

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Presenting a paper at the Serious Games Conference tomorrow. The papers focus is on the production of a serious game and explores the issues of getting people with diverse backgrounds together to produce a game. MRSA serious game conference slides This presentation will last approximately 40 minutes, including questions and a demo of the learning […]