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WebGL Visual Scene Creation

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This tutorial for Web Designer Magazine shows how to create a scene visually rather than just using code. The advantages are that objects can be placed visually and the scene built up and tweaked without constant fiddling with code. The scene is built in the ThreeJS editor using models brought in from Cinema4D but other […]

3D WebGL game with ThreeJS

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This was a two issue tutorial for Web Designer magazine creating a 3D platform game in WebGL with the ThreeJS Library. The tutorial was to show how to create a multilevel game. At present there are only two levels however the architecture is there to add more levels to the game. The game features models […]

EaselJS Vs Flash Platform Game

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I was commissioned with creating a HTML5 Canvas game using EaselJS. I came up with a simple platform game demo, which had the player jumping over to the other side of the screen to collect a key while avoiding falling boxes. Once the key is collected the player has to get back to the door […]

EaselJS Walk Cycles

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This tutorial for Web Designer magazine was created to show how walk cycles can be created for the HTML5 canvas element with the EaselJS library. This fast and efficient library makes it very easy to add content to the Canvas element in a similar syntax to Flash’s ActionScript. This particular tutorial uses sprite sheets to […]

WebGL Simple Platform Game Demo with ThreeJS

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I’ve been playing with WebGL, not nearly as mush as I’d like to, but absolutely loving the ThreeJS framework. I thought I’d have a quick go at creating a simple platform game example. ‘Game’ is really an exaggeration but I wanted to keep this as simple as possible so that people can go further with […]

Mandali – mobile puzzle game prototype

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I’m currently working on a mobile puzzle game as part of my Enterprise work with Bournemouth University. Mandali is a puzzle game that appears in the Radio Times in paper format every week, but the designer, Adrian Fisher Designs approached the University to turn the puzzle into an App. I am currently making a joint […]