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Customizing Bootstrap Tutorial

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Working with Bootstrap is a great way to kick start your responsive web designs. The only problem is that quite often you can spot a Bootstrap site a mile away. Default elements such as the navigation and some of the buttons, makes it quite easy to spot. In this tutorial, commissioned by Web Designer magazine, […]

Create WebGL content with fallback to Canvas

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WebGL is well supported but there are a few browsers that don’t support it and on mobile/tablet the support is also sketchy. If you are planning on adding WebGL content and you are planning on using the ThreeJS framework, then help is at hand. ThreeJS can render as either Canvas or WebGL, as such with […]

Multitouch gestures in HTML5 for Tablets

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In this tutorial commissioned by Web Designer magazine, I explored using Multitouch in HTML for touch based computers. It was a simple job to get the whole thing working on iPad, however iOS has a non standards based way of accessing scale and rotate, so this didn’t work on other devices. A little help from […]

Edge Animate – 1.0 Responsive Animation

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After an extensive open beta testing and 8 previews, Edge Animate has finally hit it’s first official release of 1.0 and to reward the open testers that contributed to the tool, Edge Animate is completely free. To get it, just grab a free Creative Cloud Account. To mark the first release I created this tutorial […]

Make pixel based sites responsive

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This tutorial, written for Web Designer magazine was created to show just how easy it is to take an existing web site and convert it from being a pixel based layout into a percentage based layout. This is a common issue for a great many people and most believe they have to start again from […]

Swipe gesture interface

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This tutorial was created to show how a whole interface can be constructed around gestures, particularly aimed at tablet devices. The user swipes left and right to cycle through content, with the content being specifically formatted for tablet sized screens. The tutorial is featured in Web Designer magazine.

WebGL Interactive Landscape Tutorial

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This tutorial was commissioned by Web Designer magazine and was created to show how 3D interfaces can be used on the web. Here a 3D scene has been modelled in Cinema4D and has been exported into the Collada model format (.DAE). ThreeJS has been used as the WebGL Library to load and display the model […]

EaselJS Vs Flash Platform Game

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I was commissioned with creating a HTML5 Canvas game using EaselJS. I came up with a simple platform game demo, which had the player jumping over to the other side of the screen to collect a key while avoiding falling boxes. Once the key is collected the player has to get back to the door […]