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I was commissioned with creating a HTML5 Canvas game using EaselJS. I came up with a simple platform game demo, which had the player jumping over to the other side of the screen to collect a key while avoiding falling boxes. Once the key is collected the player has to get back to the door which is now open.

Because of the similarities of EaselJS and Flash I decided to recreate the game in Flash. I just added some sound effects in Flash, otherwise it is pretty much the same. Have a look at both versions to see how good the Canvas version is.

View HTML5 Version → View Flash Version →

2 Responses to “EaselJS Vs Flash Platform Game”

  1. Neil

    The HTML5 version plays exceptionally well, did you use any other libraries for collision as well as Easel?

  2. Mark

    Hi Neil

    No I just used plain javascript for collision detection based on maths. Take a look at the source code it should be fairly obvious, but happy to give you a heads up on it.


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