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Mandali iPhone 4 game Mandali Game - HTC Google Nexus 1 Android Phone

I’m currently working on a mobile puzzle game as part of my Enterprise work with Bournemouth University. Mandali is a puzzle game that appears in the Radio Times in paper format every week, but the designer, Adrian Fisher Designs approached the University to turn the puzzle into an App. I am currently making a joint iPhone and Android version. There is a video below that allows you to see the game in action. The aim is to move around the board from 1 to 7 using all the outside nodes. The user has 2 credits limiting the paths they can use, indicated by a red ball on the paths.

Built an early prototype in Objective C and another version in javascript. Eventually opted for ActionScript and AIR due to the ease and performance under AIR 2.7 of cross platform publishing.

Mandali iPhone 4 Game Prototype – 1 level from Mark Shufflebottom on Vimeo.

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