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We are data image

We are data image

During a recent residency at the Kube Gallery in Poole, Dorset I decided to start work on an idea surrounding the computer mediated, representation of self. This piece was the result of the work completed during that residency. It is influenced by our increasingly digital lifestyles of blogs, tweets, text messages and facebook. As so much of our lives appears as pure data, we can build fairly accurate images of people based purely on this information.

This piece of work explores the theme by using a webcam to capture a live video stream and present it as ASCII text and therefore represent our physical appearance as nothing more than textual data. This is the first phase of this project and I have a couple of ideas for taking this further but both are completely different directions!

Click here to view the project. You must have a webcam to view this project.

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  1. Ronak

    do you
    have some tutorial on calculating x,y positions in stuffs like web cam motion

  2. VIrat

    i want the tutorial to how to calculate x and y position in ur project.. in issue 147

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