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This video tutorial series looks at taking a character from Cinema 4D to the Unity 3D Games Engine. Part one of the tutorial will look at rigging the character using joints. Unity cannot read Joints, so we will convert these to traditional bones. We will not focus on setting up IK as this has to be baked into the animation and this series aims to give the simplest guide to getting a rigged character from Cinema 4D to Unity. 39Mb Video file.

See also Part 2 and Part 3.

Click the image to view the video.

Rigging a character in Cinema 4D for Unity

4 Responses to “Taking a Rigged, Animated character from C4D to Unity Video Tutorial – Part 1”

  1. Alex

    Thank you very much for your tutorial. It’s done very well and understandable.

    Being the nitpicker that I am I have a few remarks:
    1. There IS a shortcut to collapse/expand the whole tree: it’s Ctrl+Click on the [+] of the hierarchy level from which you’d likt to collapse or expand all.
    2. The character isn’t centered – it’s a minor thing and irrelevant to the tutorial but I notice that every time I watch the video.

    I learned a few new tricks, though. Thanks for creating and sharing.
    If you’d do your next tutorial on IK and baking – that would be gorgeous 😉

  2. Fulvio

    Mark, thank you very much for this tutorial about rigging; this is what should be included with the program; the poor documentation (sorry, non exhistent) that comes with the 3000€ software should make Maxon ashamed for the money they are charging; I guess they hope you spend extra money in subscribing to their Cineversity web site.
    Thanks again for sharing !

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