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Z scrolling menuFlash CS4 has a new z property allowing for pseudo 3D on the stage. Exploring the new possibilities to interfaces, I decided to create an interface which scrolls in and out. This is the sort of interface which we’ve probably seen numerous times already scrolling left to right or up and down the stage, this just explores the same principle but zooming in and out.

Click the image above to see the project. If you do not have Flash Player 10 installed the menu appears static.

4 Responses to “Z Scrolling Menu – Flash CS4”

  1. Tim

    No chance posting the source for this?
    Want to do something similar, except with blur effects depending on how far back an item is on the z-index. so long as it doesn’t kill the frame rate

  2. Mark

    Yes it will be published in the next issue of Web Designer magazine. They will post the source code on their site following that. I’ll place a link here once available.

  3. erik

    wasn’t that easy to do before? even without paper vision? Maybe I’m missing something or maybe something with a bit more perspective might show it off more… hopefully the code is simplified, or classified 😉 and it isn’t harder on your CPU as a result of extra loaded parameters… Would be nice to do a test but I’m not the best at setting those up. looks fun though.

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