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Speech controlled character in FlashAfter recently seeing advert’s on the TV for Tom Clancy’s EndWar game which features voice activated commands to control the game, I wondered whether this would be possible in Flash.

I have MacSpeech Dictate installed because of problems typing for a long time, so I wondered if this could be used to pass text to Flash. The solution was reasonably simple to achieve. All I had to do was place an input text field on the stage and set up the code to continually make it the focus. Then some if statements have been set up to check the input commands of the text field and respond to them whilst clearing the input field ready for the next command.

Click the image to see a video of the demo in action.

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  1. Timothy West

    thats cool mark but does the user have to have macspeech and there seems to be a slight delay while it processes it.. would it work for quick game play…

    its still really great would be good to see some of the AS or try it myself

  2. Mark

    Yep the user needs any speech to text application at the moment, but who knows, as this sort of accessibility becomes more integrated into the OS that won’t be necessary. This is more a glimpse of what maybe to come in the future of applications that we develop. Yep there is a delay, that’s actually down to the screen recording software and the speech software running, it’s much quicker when not recording. AS is just checking a text field, basic Flash code.

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